Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Birds of Central Texas

All of the following birds are common in Central Texas. 

First up, the Tufted titmouse.  If they haven't yet been separated into two distinct species, there are two races of Tufted titmice in Texas and Central Texas is on the dividing line between populations.  There is apparently some hybridization between the races.  This photo is of a Black-crested race which is the more common of the two in the Central Texas area.  There is also a Gray-crested race of which I failed to get a good photo. 

This is a photo of an Orange-crowned warbler visiting a suet feeder.  Ironically the same species of bird was visiting the same feeder several months previously.  This photo was taken in February.  The same species migrates up here in the spring/summer, but I'm fairly sure that I have seen them in the winter here in the PacNW occasionally.  

 Another photo of the Orange-crowned warbler...

And finally for this post, a male American goldfinch in transitional plumage. These birds are very common in Central Texas in winter, but some also over-winter in the PacNW.  An interesting question, and one that also applies to the American robins, is do these birds migrate from somewhere else to spend the winter here or are the same birds year-round residents? 

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